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We’ve got the answers—the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re providing tips on proper engine break-in.

Bill M. • Summit, IL
Q: I have a Chevy big block that I’m going to use specifically for drag racing. I was wondering, what is the best way to break-in a high performance engine?

A: Proper engine break-in is critical, especially with a dedicated racing motor such as yours. To start, add high-grade oil to your engine. Then, replace the final quart of oil with a bottle of COMP Cams Engine Break-In Oil. It has a specially engineered blend of extreme pressure break-in additives that extend the durability of internal engine components and protect against premature camshaft, lifter, and valvetrain failure.

Fire up the engine and run it at 1,500 to 3,000 rpm for 15 to 20 minutes or however long the camshaft manufacturer recommends. Then change the oil and make a couple easy passes to check that everything is tight and tuned. After those passes, you’re ready to conquer the track with confidence.