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Video: How to Make Perfect Louvers with Mittler Bros. Louver Punch


Louvers are a quintessential hot rod thing.

Not only do they look old school cool, they also serve a purpose. They were originally applied to vehicles to help let hot air out of the engine compartment. Later they were used to make roadster bodies more aero-friendly by letting trapped air escape from under the body panels. And today you can find louvers on hoods, deck lids, and in a variety of other locations just to provide a “period-correct” look.

If you’ve ever considered adding louvered sheetmetal to your rod or custom but weren’t sure how to do it right, you’ll want to watch this video from Mittler Bros. and Summit Racing. You’ll see just how easy it is to add perfect (and perfectly spaced) louvers to body panels using a Mittler Bros. Louver Punch Kit. Mittler Bros. offers options to provide two distinct designs: the conventional standard louver and the unique dome shaped louver with wider opening. Both kits can be used on material up to 16 gauge.

Watch below as Mittler Bros. president Mike Mittler gives you an overview of the machine and offers tips for getting perfect louvers every time.


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