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Paint & Body Tech: What Sandpaper Should You Use?

When it comes to automotive bodywork, there are many, many different grades of sandpaper grit. And selecting the right grit to use for each stage of the paint and body […]

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Paint & Body Tech: What Type of Body Filler Should You Use?

Application of body filler is a vital step in the automotive body work process if you want a successful paint job. When used properly, it can help conceal minor body […]

Martin Light Weight Dinging Hammer
SEMA 2017 / SEMA 2017 Preview

SEMA Preview: Martin Tools New Light Weight Dinging Hammer

Martin Tools will unveil its all-new Light Weight Dinging Hammer at the 2017 SEMA show. This hammer is the latest in a long line of quality Martin bodywork tools, and […]

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Video: How to Make Perfect Louvers with Mittler Bros. Louver Punch

Louvers are a quintessential hot rod thing. Not only do they look old school cool, they also serve a purpose. They were originally applied to vehicles to help let hot […]

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Paint and Bodywork Buyer’s Guide

Nothing defines a custom ride like a one-of-a-kind paint job, but to many first timers, paintwork can be a daunting proposition. Have no fear! Laying down some custom color is […]