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Hood Lovin’! Here are a Few of Our Favorite Car-Themed Love Songs

Someone once said “Love is best expressed through song…and car parts.” At least, we’re pretty certain that’s how the saying goes. Perhaps you remember it a little differently, but either […]

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Buyer’s Guide: Show Your Car Some Love this Valentine’s Day

Today is Valentine’s Day, the world’s most commercially exploitable celebration of romantic love and/or skin-deep infatuation. In the spirit of the holiday, OnAllCylinders has a question for its readers: Does […]

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Say Happy Valentine’s Day with Gearhead Candy Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day! Or, if you prefer, (in a wooden and laconic tone of voice): Well, flippity-doo. It’s Valentine’s Day again. Neato. Whether you’re in the mood for romantic sonnets […]

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Everyone Remembers Their First Automotive Love

We stared at the Corvette and Lamborghini posters on our bedroom walls and wished we had them. We recklessly drove that classic red Ferrari convertible in Sega Out Run on TV, […]

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Love Story: What Was Your First Automotive Love?

OK, it wasn’t exactly like this. But you get the idea. I remember holding that $2,200 dollars in my hand and thinking how I had never seen that much money […]

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Relationship Advice for Car Guys

Here at OnAllCylinders, we’re well known for giving good car advice. We’re not as well known for giving relationship advice. That’s probably a good thing, because OnAllCylinders is not a relationship […]

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Vehicle Nicknames: A Valentine’s Salute to Automotive Terms of Endearment

So, here we are again. Valentine’s Day. There are so many different takes on this day. Some love it because it’s an opportunity to bring them closer to the person […]

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15 Gearhead Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day!

Roses are red. Violets are blue. Here’s some Valentine greetings ‘n’ junk for car people. Yeah, we’ve never been very good at poetry, and we’re sure not much for sappy […]

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Greetings! 8 Car Guy Ways to Say Happy Valentine’s Day

It’s not too late to send a Valentine’s Day card to your loved ones. Actually, waiting until the last minute was the best thing you could have possibly done. That’s […]