So, here we are again. Valentine’s Day.

There are so many different takes on this day. Some love it because it’s an opportunity to bring them closer to the person they chose to spend their life with. Others hate it because it’s an obligation to be close to the person they chose to spend their life with.

And others still are single. Lone rangers walking the earth in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day distraction.

For us, distraction lives in good stories, especially ones about cars and trucks. So we’re celebrating Valentine’s Day by sharing true stories of automotive love between vehicles and their owners—owners who love their vehicles so much that they nickname them. Terms of endearment, if you will.

We totally get it.

Here are some of our favorite nicknames bestowed upon vehicles, as shared by Facebook and Twitter fans.

71 Riviera

Adam W. — “My 71 Riviera is The Saint named after a Saint Christopher keychain I found in the floorboard.”


Donald R. — “Driving Miss Daisy.”


Stephen S. — “His name is Lambrecht. He sat in a field somewhere in Nebraska for almost 30 years.”


C. Dales. — “I call her Betty as I am a proud alumni member of The Betty Ford Center and I love Betty Boop and Betty Davis is my all time favorite actress, so it all just fits and racing is my life. There is nothing else like it!!!!!!!!!!”

Aqua Lung

@MOSSYOAK302 — “Aqual Lung. I saved her from the Colorado flood. She still runs like a beast!”


@myfaceforradio — “My kids named the Hawk STUDEZILLA be its loud, smokey, belches occasional fire and looks kinda mean.”


@luiz_rc —  “Luigi ;)”

Mom's Car

Heywood J. — “‘Mom’s Car’……1971 Monte Carlo with a 582 Shafiroff 750 hp pump gas motor. It is backed by a Libertys Gears prepped TKO 600, Moser 9″ with wavetrac posi and 3.70 gears. For an added touch, I have 325/50R15 double white wall Drag Radials and hubcaps.”

rusty rhonda

Clint W. — “Her name is Rusty Rhonda. The plate on order for her is ‘FE203,’ the atomic name for rust!”


Eian W. — “Not quite done, getting the last of stuff now, call it the Nomaro, started off a 1973 nova, then it got a 1970 camaro tail end and valance and grill off a 69 camaro… so it’s not a nova, not a camaro, it’s nomaro.”


If you’re into people naming their vehicles, be sure to check this out! 

Have you ever named a car? What’s the name? And why?

Please tell us in the comments below!



Author: Matt Griswold

After a 10-year newspaper journalism career, Matt Griswold spent another decade writing about the automotive aftermarket and motorsports. He was part of the original OnAllCylinders editorial team when it launched in 2012.