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Say Happy Valentine’s Day with Gearhead Candy Hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Or, if you prefer, (in a wooden and laconic tone of voice): Well, flippity-doo. It’s Valentine’s Day again. Neato.

Whether you’re in the mood for romantic sonnets and candlelight dinners OR muttering cynical and sardonic anti-romance sentiments, Valentine’s Day is a day for expressing your feelings.

Having trouble coming up with the right words? Worry not! The OnAllCylinders dating and relationship “experts” have your back.

With the help of this tool from Crypotgram, we made some Conversation Hearts tailored for gearheads, whether there is love—or curmudgeony V-Day rejection in the air.

So, print a few of these off and give them to your Valentine.

Or your cat.

(Just make sure you don’t put greasy fingerprints on them.)


Gearhead Candy Heart


Not a Fan of Valentines Day? Try These Anti-Hearts.





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