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Retrospective: A Look Back at Operation Appreciation 2014

Now that I’ve had a few days at home, after five days in Indy for the PRI show, I think I have sufficiently decompressed from the trip to put it […]

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Operation Appreciation 2014: Last Stop, Djibouti—and a Chat with Jason Line

The final day of the trip was upon us. It was a trip that included many miles, many adventures, many stories, and most importantly, many handshakes and thanks to all […]

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Operation Appreciation 2014: Touching Base with Andrew Hines

First off my apologies for the break in rhythm, I had computer issues in Djibouti and have been unable to report until getting home and replacing the unit. For those […]

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Operation Appreciation 2014: Catching up With Eddie Krawiec & Sight-Seeing in Africa

We’re back in Addis Ababa now and will be heading to Djibouti early tomorrow, but I wanted to go back to Arba Minch before we move on. This tour is […]

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Operation Appreciation 2014: BIGFOOT Sighting in Bahrain

The first couple of days have been a whirlwind. I can’t think of any other way to describe it. I had no trouble drifting off last night, after a quick […]

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Operation Appreciation 2014: The Mission Begins!

It’s that time again! For over a decade, Summit Racing Equipment has been involved in “Operation Appreciation,”—taking racers overseas to meet and visit with the U.S. troops stationed there. This year […]

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Our Thanks-Giving Continues: Coverage of Operation Appreciation Begins Next Week!

Thanksgiving is a day many Americans sit down with family and count blessings. But halfway around the world—in countries like Bahrain, Kuwait, and Ethiopia—American heroes are spending the holidays away […]

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NHRA: Summit Racing and Harley-Davidson Racers to Visit Troops in the Middle East for 2014’s “Operation Appreciation”

  Summit Racing Equipment and Armed Forces Entertainment (AFE) have announced the itinerary for 2014’s “Operation Appreciation,” the annual visit by Summit Racing and Harley-Davidson racers to American troops stationed […]