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Rocker Rolling with Jesel’s Sportsman Shaft-Mounted Rocker Technology

Tons of options are available when it comes to rocker arms for domestic V8 engines. When examining today’s crop of roller rockers, it becomes clear that a considerable amount of […]

Jesel automotive tools
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Using Jesel’s Special Tools to Work on Special Parts

Special parts often require special tools. For example, something like an adjustable crescent wrench has no place when it comes to setting valve lash! Which is no secret to anyone […]

jesel roller lifters (Image/Dragzine)
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A Closer Look at Jesel’s Solid Tie Bar Roller Lifters

There are many roller lifters available today. They range in quality from so-so to over the top.  On the over-the-top end of the scale is the lineup from Jesel. Jesel […]

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Valvetrain Harmony: The Hows and Whys of Jesel’s Belt Drive System

Not that long ago, you had two choices when it came to driving a camshaft: timing chain or gear drive. While timing chains and gear drives are still in use […]

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Off Your Rocker: 4 Reasons It Might be Time to Step up to Shaft-Mount Rockers

When Chevy’s small block debuted in 1955, it didn’t take long for it to be regarded as a marvel of performance engineering, particularly when it came to its innovative valvetrain. […]

Jason Line 557, assembled engine
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Plan B 557: Jason Line and Summit Racing Build a 812HP Big Block

It started off innocently enough. Following a race in 2010, Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Pro Stock driver Jason Line bought a 1968 Biscayne station wagon as a side project and […]

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Photo Gallery: Bonneville Salt Flats/2012 Speed Week

  Jason Line and the Jesel Land Speed/Summit Racing team had two specific goals heading into the 2012 Speed Week at the legendary Bonneville Salt Flats. The first was to […]