Working on a cylinder head and valvetrain is one of the first introductions many folks have to more advanced engine building techniques.

And though that mix of rocker arms, valve springs, and lifters may look intimidating if you’re new to all this, the reality is that working on a cylinder head isn’t that difficult—provided you’ve got the right tools, of course.

(Image/The Jesel Valvetrain YouTube Channel)

That’s where the engine valvetrain experts at Jesel come in.

For this 101-style video, they’ll walk you through some of the essential valvetrain service tools you’ll need to start working on a cylinder head. And more importantly, they’ll show you how to use them. The video features the following tools:

It’s about six minutes long and covers everything from testing to installation. If you’re ready to dive into your engine’s valvetrain, it’s a must-watch:

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