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Video: The Hoonigan Scumbug Tackles Baja Again

The Scumbug’s origin story began just a day before the Hoonigans took it to the Baja 1000 in 2017. It’s a delightful story, which you can learn about here. One […]

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Video: Hoonigan Team Highlights Evolution of ‘Scumbug’ VW Beetle Ahead of Baja

If you’re an OnAllCylinders frequenter, you probably know we’re shameless fans of the Hoonigan team. Please bear with us while we fawn over these rascals some more. Last month, we […]

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Video: Intro to the Hoonigan ‘ShartKart’ Which Used to be a $200 Mazda Miata

We’re excited over the news that our friends at Summit Racing are getting together with the mad geniuses at Hoonigan to—presumably—make some cool project vehicles even cooler. Yesterday, we introduced […]

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Video: Intro to the Hoonigan ‘Scumbug’ 1973 Volkswagen Beetle Baja Bug

Our partners at Summit Racing—it should go without saying—are our favorite (only?) choice for auto parts. And the crew at Hoonigan? They’re the coolest guys in motorsports and automotive shenanigans. […]

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Block is Back: Gymkhana Eight Debuts

Chances are you’re familiar with Ken Block. In his series of wildly popular Gymkhana videos, the rally cross racer has taken his skills and applied them to the streets, where he majestically controls […]