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Parts Bin: Thermo-Tec Rogue Series Heat Wraps

Thermo-Tec’s new Rogue Series heat wraps are made using basalt. And before you ask—no, basalt isn’t a fancy new flavoring for your French fries. Rather, it’s a super heat-resistant material […]

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Wrap Those Rascals: Installing Exhaust Wrap on Motorcycle Exhaust Pipe

Our friend and OnAllCylinders contributor Jesse Kiser picked up a 1974 Honda 360 as a first bike for his wife, who is new to motorcycles. The Honda’s exhaust pipes were […]

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Video: Tips and Tricks for Installing DEI Exhaust Wrap

Learn the proper way to wrap your exhaust header pipes by watching this video from our friends at Design Engineering Inc.  The exhaust experts at DEI will show you, step-by-step, […]

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Heat Check: A Basic Guide to Exhaust Wrap, Thermal Barriers & Heat Protection

Editor’s Note: Before buying any heat protection, exhaust wrap, header pipe wrap, or other insulation, it is imperative to educate yourself about the product and the application. We talked to […]