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Rebuilding a REAL Ford 427 Side Oiler Cobra Engine: A Rarified Experience

You’ve got to hand it to Ford as a car company. It has history unequalled including four consecutive wins at Le Mans in the 1960s when it was all or […]

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Ultra Engine: Hardcore Horsepower’s 781 Horsepower Big Block Chevy 540

In the past, you’ve had to rev an engine pretty high to make serious power. But the latest cylinder heads and cam designs have allowed us to bring the RPM […]

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TPI the L99! The 4.3L “Baby LT1” V8 Gets Torque

What the heck is an L99? We know GM uses these alphanumeric designations to label its many engine configurations, some of which were more notable than others. For instance, most […]

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Budget Big Block Chevy Street Torque!

You’ve got to love the Chevy big block for its raw ability to make aggressive amounts of bone-crushing torque without breaking a sweat. It also loves high-revving horsepower, giving you […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Upgrades to GM LS 6.0L 4×4

I’ve followed your stories and career for years. I know the internet has changed most everything we do but I miss seeing Car Craft in print. One tech question I […]

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Street Ultra 582: Hardcore Horsepower’s 805 HP Pump Gas Big Chevy

Back in 1999, Mike Petralia at Hardcore Horsepower & Dyno Shop in Franklin, TN built a 556-cubic-inch big block Chevy test mule for Hot Rod magazine. That engine made 790 horsepower […]

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Reviving the Top-Oiler: Stuffing Big Cubic Inches into a 427 While Maintaining a Strictly Stock Look

The 427 is one of Ford’s most successful and iconic engines. With its 4.630-inch bore spacing and characteristic deep skirted block, the 427 slots right into Ford’s FE family of […]

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Fountain of Youth: My Father’s 1,000-HP LSX-Powered Drag Racing Corvette

Author’s Note: This story is about my father. His name is Steve Griswold. He’s a lifelong racing enthusiast who didn’t always have the resources to participate. He golfed a lot instead. […]

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A 552-Cubic-Inch Ford V12? It’s True—Get the Story and See the Dyno Results Here!

The goal was simple: Create the 1960s-era LeMans race engine that Ford never built. That’s what Jan Baker did with two Ford 302 blocks and three Ford Cleveland cylinder heads—and swears it […]

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Video: Auto Revolution Builds a Big 448 Small Block Ford

Supersizing applies to engines as well as French fries. Our friends at Auto Revolution prove the point with these videos showcasing the build and dyno results for an awesome 448-cubic-inch […]