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A 552-Cubic-Inch Ford V12? It’s True—Get the Story and See the Dyno Results Here!

The goal was simple: Create the 1960s-era LeMans race engine that Ford never built.

That’s what Jan Baker did with two Ford 302 blocks and three Ford Cleveland cylinder heads—and swears it wasn’t that hard! Sure, there was lots of cutting and welding involved, but nearly every part (save for the custom crankshaft) is an off-the-shelf part.

“It’s easy to overthink this thing,” Baker said in the video below. “It’s not rocket science at all. It’s just two straight sixes. The left bank acts like a straight six and the right bank acts like a straight six. They’re married at the crankcase and share a common crankshaft and a common camshaft. Everything else is pretty much separate.”

Check out the video below from our new friends at to see how the engine came together. The 552-cubic-inch motor yielded 697 peak horsepower and 576 ft.-lbs. of torque—you can see the full dyno sheet here.

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