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Exploring Growth Potential: Trick Flow Performance Upgrades to a 5.0L Ford Explorer Engine

To start things off, head on over to your local junkyard and snatch up a fresh 5.0L Mustang engine. …Wait, what’s that you say? This isn’t the late 1990s (or […]

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Ford Alphabet Cam Specs: E303 vs. B303 vs. F303 vs. X303

Ford’s famous Alphabet Cams (a.k.a. Letter Cams) have been around for decades and are often the go-to choice for Mustang owners looking for more performance from their 5.0L engine. Ford Performance […]

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The Top 10 American Performance Engines of the Last 30 Years (#5): Ford EFI 5.0L H.O.

Editor’s note: The 1980s was a transition period for engine technology in America. The iconic carburetor gave way to fuel injection. Cubic inches were out, and liter designations marked a new era for […]