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Horsepower Wars

Horsepower Wars: Camaro vs. Mustang Track Results After $5K in Upgrades

The folks at Horsepower Wars decided to re-ignite an ages-old duel between the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro in a series of tiered challenges they’ve dubbed the “Pony Wars.” Though […]

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Tech / Tech Articles

Comparing Camshafts: A History of Camshaft Specs and Choosing the Right Cam

Have you ever wondered why one camshaft makes more power than the other? Would you like to compare the behaviors of multiple cams without ever doing a cam swap? Written […]

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LS Engines

L77 6.0L Engine Specs: Performance, Bore & Stroke, Cylinder Heads, Cam Specs & More

Mechanically similar, General Motors’ LS and LS-based Vortec engines wound up on almost every branch of the GM family tree: Chevy, Pontiac, GMC, Cadillac, Buick—heck, even Saab, Hummer, and Isuzu got some […]

Featured Vehicles

Lot Shots Find of the Week: 1971 Porsche 911 Track Car

We typically shy away from trailered cars for our Lot Shots features, but when a track-prepped classic Porsche 911 rolls into the Summit Racing retail store lot, we gleefully make […]

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Featured Vehicles

One for Mom: Tinman 2 Kustoms’ 1940 Chevy “Tinmama”

Our pals at Summit Racing have been helping out on a really slick custom 1940 Chevy two-door sedan build affectionately dubbed “Tinmama.” The hot rod is being built by Tinman […]

Reaction Hero: Ray Thompson’s 1968 Camaro SS
Featured Vehicles / From the Summit Racing Catalog

Reaction Hero: Ray Thompson’s 1968 Camaro SS

Photography By: Todd Biss Productions  If you’ve spent any time in a middle school science class, you’re probably familiar with Isaac Newton and his third law of motion: For every […]

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Car Culture & Entertainment

10 of the Most Significant Performance Cars from 1968-2018

In light of our favorite speed shop’s 50th birthday in 2018, we took a look at some of the gearhead milestones in both Summit Racing’s history and automotive history in […]

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Video: How to Use a Multimeter to Measure Electrical Current

Current is a critical component of any electrical system. In basic terms, current is the flow of electricity. It is quantified in amperage, with “amps” being the unit of measure. […]


Mailbag: Curing Unwanted Vibration in a 5.0L-Powered ’66 F-100 Pickup

Q: Help! I have a 1966 Ford F-100 pickup with a transplanted 5.0L from a 1991 Mustang and the following mods: Ford Performance cam (220° duration/.498″ lift), Airflow Research CNC-ported 185 […]

Tanner Gray (Pro Stock), Eddie Krawiec (Pro Stock Motorcycle), Blake Alexander (Top Fuel), and Matt Hagan (Funny Car) celebrate winning the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH. (Image/NHRA)

NHRA Wrap-Up: Alexander Becomes 1st-Time Top Fuel Winner; Hagan, Gray & Krawiec Also Win

Blake Alexander became the 105th different Top Fuel winner in NHRA history Sunday afternoon at the Summit Racing Equipment NHRA Nationals at Summit Motorsports Park in Norwalk, OH. Matt Hagan […]