Articles written by: Patrick Hill

Our test subject, a 2012 Camaro SS and its modified LS3. Modifications included a Trick Flow Specialties heads, cam, and headers package, FAST LSX intake and fuel rails, and Airaid cold air intake system. On the chassis dyno it makes about 490 horsepower. (Image/Patrick Hill)
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Preserving Power: Using Thermal Barriers on Fuel Rails to Maximize Performance

Think because your engine is fuel injected you don’t need to worry about heat causing you problems and stealing horsepower? Think again. Fuel injectors and the rails that hold them […]

Once everything is all buttoned up, here’s how the engine compartment will look. Much more lively than before, the kind of engine compartment that will strip the paint off your house and give any bystanders a permanent orange afro. And until you open the hood, no one will have any idea the Hulk-level punch you’re packing because of the nice and quiet turbo versus an instantly recognizable supercharger whine.
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Turbo Install: We Add 200+ HP to a 5th-Gen. Camaro SS with a Turbonetics Turbo

The 5th Gen Camaro SS (2010-2015 model years) left the factory loaded with power—425 ponies for a manual trans car or 400 in a 6L80E equipped 5th Gen. But even […]

Here’s what we started with--a mass of old style V-belts, heavy cast iron water pump, and equally heavy factory axial A/C compressor, power steering pump, and alternator. Zero eye appeal, bulky, and inefficient compared with today’s accessory drives.
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The Serpentine Solution: Installing a Summit Racing Small Block Chevy Serpentine Conversion Kit

If you’ve got a pre-1988 small block Chevy and are tired of that massive, ugly looking factory accessory drive—the one with the heavy air conditioning compressor, unattractive alternator, power steering pump, and […]

The gauge on the left reads the pressure of the constant air supply. The gauge on the right reads the leakdown of pressure in the cylinder. Before hooking up the air supply, both gauges should read zero. If they don’t, you won’t get an accurate reading.
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Quick Tech: How to Use a Leakdown Tester

Using a leakdown tester is one of the best ways to assess the health of your engine. Easy to use, a leakdown tester measures how much cylinder pressure is escaping […]

Here’s how it looks once everything’s bolted back on the engine. After Antivenom’s Greg Lovell inputted the necessary computer tuning (required with the Magnuson install) the Grand Sport was strapped back on the dyno to see what we had. Thanks to the Trick Flow heads and Magnuson blower, the GS now had a whopping 600 horsepower at the rear wheels, and 519 pound-feet of torque. And that was only with 4.5 psi of boost going into the engine, meaning this animal has a lot more in it. With this kind of performance, who needs a ZR1?!
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Blown Opportunity: We Install and Dyno a Magnuson Blower and Trick Flow Heads on an LS3 Corvette

Not getting enough from your LS3-equipped C6? Recently get your doors blown off by a Z06 or ZR1? Just want to give your Corvette a serious custom touch? Magnuson Superchargers […]