Regardless of whether you’re towing a race car, vintage classic, off-road truck, or just a daily-driver, making sure it arrives to your destination safely is the name of the game.

But as you’d imagine, the process of properly tying-down a vehicle onto a trailer is way more involved than simply driving the car up and lashing on some ratchet straps.

That’s why the folks at Summit Racing made this short, yet detailed, video that covers how to correctly load and secure a car onto a trailer.

In just about three minutes, this video will walk you through the trailer-loading process—from driving the vehicle up onto the flatbed to properly securing it using the correct tie-down straps and anchor points.

Not only will this video show you what axle straps and other trailer accessories to use, it’ll show you the proper tie-down location and securing technique, to ensure your tie down straps won’t twist, fray, or loosen as your tow.

Even if you’ve got plenty of experience towing or hauling heavy loads, this video is still packed with good insight. And if you’re new to towing altogether, it’s definitely worth the watch.

Check it out below:

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