If you’re the type of gearhead who loves showing-off your ride at local car shows and cruise-ins, then you’re faced with a perpetual dilemma: How to drive your car all over town and still keep it clean enough to drop some jaws along the way.

Enter the folks at Malco Automotive Products.

man wiping clean rag down hood of muscle car
(Image/The Malco Automotive Products YouTube Channel)

We’ve talked about Malco before, because the company makes a comprehensive line of pro-quality automotive detailing and cleaning products. But now the Malco detailing experts are showing you exactly how to use some of this stuff to ensure your ride looks (and stays) clean and shiny for an onslaught of cruises, show-n-shines, and weekend road trips.

And at over 20 minutes long, this video doesn’t just cover the basics. Nope, it goes into the engine bay, the interior, and all the other nooks-and-crannies of a car that are notorious for being difficult to clean, restore, and polish.

Check it out below: