When you’re researching something like an exhaust system or air intake, there’s a good chance you’ll see the term “mandrel bent” come up a lot.

That’s because mandrel bending is a process often used to bend a section of tubing—which is obviously handy for both exhausts and intakes, but also pretty much any other cosmetic or functional section of pipe or tubing you might need.

Mandrel bending has become somewhat of a buzzword in the automotive industry, so we wanted to share this video from the gang over at COBB Tuning with you.

tubing being bent on a mandrel machine
(Image/The Cobb Tuning YouTube Channel)

Not only does this video give you an up-close look at the actual mandrel bending process right from the COBB Tuning shop floor, it’ll give you plenty of insight on what performance advantages can be had from using a mandrel bent section of tubing over, say, a similar section of tubing that’s been “crush bent” instead.

So again, if you’re shopping for an air intake kit or exhaust system, this is handy info to have. And even if you know what mandrel bending means, it’s still fascinating to watch COBB’s mandrel bending machine work its magic for yourself.

Give it a looksee below: