The 1988 to 1998 Chevy and GMC “Old Body Style” trucks are quietly becoming the next hot vintage truck—potentially even surpassing the beloved Squarebody on the collector’s market.

So if you’ve got one of these classic GM OBS trucks in your garage, Flaming River can help bring its steering and handling up to 21st century standards with a lineup of steering upgrade parts for the 1988-98 Chevy and GMC trucks like the ever-popular C1500.

The Summit Racing folks stopped by the Flaming River booth at the recent PRI Show to get the lowdown on these steering upgrade parts for the OBS trucks–notably a new Flaming River Steering Column and Flaming River Rack and Pinion Cradle.

Watch the video below and you’ll see what they found out.

Spoiler alert: In addition to 1988-98 GM trucks, the Flaming River folks have a ton of new parts for a massive range of vehicles, from hotrods to classic haulers and seemingly everything in between.