It’s easy to deck-out an engine bay with cool custom accessories like valve covers and air cleaners—but the humble alternator usually goes overlooked. That’s why Proform Parts has just pulled the wraps off a cool new lineup of custom alternators that help you turn your engine bay into the centerpiece of your hot rod.

These new alternators come in a handful of designs, and you’ve got plenty of finish choices too—including black and chrome. Proform offers its alternators for popular GM, Ford, and Mopar applications, and you can even get those respective logos emblazoned on the case itself. Here’s a taste of what alternator case styles you’ll find:

All told, these new alternators will go great with the massive lineup of engine dress-up bits from Proform Parts and, more importantly, they offer the reliability and performance that’s an integral part of Proform’s magic.

The Summit Racing folks visited the Proform booth during the recent PRI Show to get the scoop on these new alternators—plus all the other cool new stuff Proform’s bringing to the party in 2024. Watch the video to see what they found out.