The FiTech name has become synonymous with affordable aftermarket fuel injection systems, but the company is thinking outside the box for 2024.

“We are an EFI company, but now we’re branching out, and we’re doing a lot of supporting accessories,” said FiTech’s Bryce Cegielski.

According to Cegielski, FiTech has been focused on ways to help enthusiasts maximize their EFI conversions, whether it’s with a FiTech system or other aftermarket options. That led them to develop a line of ignition components specially designed to handle the unique challenges of electronic fuel injection systems. FiTech’s Go-Spark line of sync distributors, ignition boxes, ignition coils and wires have been built to deliver power without creating EMI noise issues common with EFI. Plus, these components can work with carbureted setups, too.

Have a closer look at these new products in this video from the 2023 SEMA Show.