The suspension wizards at QA1 now offer their popular Proma Star series of struts for Fox Body, SN95 and S197 generation Mustangs. Even better, you can get the struts individually or in a full coil-over kit for the highest level of performance, handling, and adjustability.

Ideal for both street and race applications, the Proma Star strut features an inverted design. This configuration incorporates a large diameter shaft that resists side loading, so you’ll experience more consistent performance during hard cornering and braking. The strut’s lightweight aluminum body reduces unsprung weight for improved responsiveness and traction.

If you step up to the coil-over kit, you can choose from a variety of custom-tailored spring rates for your Mustang, and you’ll also be able to easily adjust the stance of your Mustang from zero to a two-inch drop. The struts are available as single- or double-adjustable units. QA1 says the single-adjustable versions are ideal for street cars that see occasional track use. The double-adjustable design offers independent tuning of rebound and compression, so you can tune your Mustang for just about any type of driving.

Learn more in this video from the 2023 Show, where the struts debuted.

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