It’s easier than ever to get serious horsepower from an engine nowadays. In fact, numbers like 600, 700, and even 800 hp are attainable for the backyard mechanic.

But you know what’s not so easy? Making sure all that oomph gets down your driveline.

That’s why FTI Performance released its lineup of SRL Series Billet Lockup Torque Converters and SRL-3 Series Billet Triple Clutch Torque Converters.

These torque converters are designed on a computer and then CNC-machined to exacting tolerances, so they’ll easily stand up to a rip snortin’ street motor making up to 800 horsepower. What’s even better is that FTI Performance makes these torque converters for a variety of engine and transmission combos, and in a range of stall ratings.

The Summit Racing gang stopped by the FTI Performance booth during the 2023 SEMA Show to get the skinny on these torque converters. See what they found out in the video below: