It’s no secret that, when it comes to modern transmission swaps, Tremec’s lineup of five- and six-speed manuals is really, really popular.

That’s why the folks at Silver Sport Transmission are making it easier than ever to bolt-up a Tremec manual transmission behind a variety of different engines.

Silver Sport calls these swap-in-a-box solutions its “EasyFit Transmission Install Kits” and they’re available for a wide range of applications. In other words, if you want to put a Tremec TKO, TKX, or T-56 Magnum six speed behind a small/big block Chevy, GM LS, or small block Ford, then Silver Sport has you covered.

The kits include the Tremec transmission of your choice, a McLeod clutch assembly, along with a specialized bellhousing that’s designed for your specific engine. Best of all, Silver Sport did its homework and made sure each part of the kit, from the hydraulic bearing to the flywheel, is perfectly matched to place nice with your unique driveline combination.

To learn more about these EasyFit Kits, the Summit Racing team stopped by the Silver Sport Transmission booth during the 2023 SEMA Show. Get a good look at a typical kit, and learn some hows-and-whys behind them here: