It’s no secret that adding a beefier brake caliper is a great way to increase your stopping power.

But there’s a catch: Bigger calipers don’t always fit in the tight space behind a stock wheel.

The braking brainiacs at Wilwood have an ingenious solution to this conundrum though. Their Wilwood AERO6-DM truck kits let you put a larger solid caliper behind a wheel as small as 17 inches.

How? Well, the secret rests in the “DM” part of the nameā€”it stands for direct mount, which means that these calipers attach right to the spindle. That way, the caliper assembly remains compact and can snug nicely in a small space because there are no extra brackets to deal with.

The caliper itself boasts a solid design with six-piston gripping power, so there’s plenty of clamping force for pretty much whatever you’re driving.

Wilwood currently makes these brakes in a wide range of colors for several popular late model truck and SUV models, including these:

You can get even more insight into these calipers in this quick video from the Wilwood booth at the 2023 SEMA Show:

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