In many ways, making a high performance drag radial for the street is a lot more difficult than creating a tire solely for the track.

That’s because, unlike a race tire, a street drag radial may confront a myriad of environments and road conditions—thunderstorms, pot holes, train tracks, and all. More importantly, a street tire is expected to last for miles and not simply be replaced after a weekend of drag racing.

That’s why AZ 850DR Tires from Atturo caught our eye.

Once we got done gawking at the 1969 Charger parked in their booth, we chatted with the Atturo folks at the 2023 SEMA Show to learn all about the AZ 850DR tire line.

Vintage Dodge charger in Atturo Tire SEMA 2023 Booth
(Image/Summit Racing)

Developed from Atturo’s popular AZ 850 series, AZ 850DR tires are DOT-approved street legal drag radials that deliver plenty of grip across whatever road surface you’re driving over. Better still, they won’t wear down after a couple of runs down the strip either.

Atturo makes AZ 850DR tires in a wide range of sizes, so it’s easy to find one to match your vintage or late model musclecar. Atturo recommends running a set of AZ 850DR drag radials in the back, complemented by a set of its traditional AZ 850 tires up front.

Learn more about Atturo and the AZ 850DR tire line in this quick video from the 2023 SEMA Show:

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