When it comes to preventing motorsports head and neck injuries, Meru Safety is on the leading edge of head restraint technology.

Case in point: the Meru Safety Ascent Carbon Brace.

It’s a full carbon head and neck restraint that, thanks to Meru’s Inertia Dampening System, can mitigate concussion-causing forces. At the heart of the system is a hydraulic shock absorber that’s mounted into the backplate of the Ascent Carbon Brace to restrain head movement during a race car crash.

Here’s a better look at the damper in the Ascent Carbon Brace. It features speed-sensitive valving to keep you safe without sacrificing comfort. (Image/Meru Safety)

According to Meru Safety, the Ascent Carbon Brace design reduces the force through the head on the Z axis to 53Gs in a 70G impact. It’s SFI 38.1 approved and Meru tells us that it tested hundreds of pounds under the SFI upper neck tension threshold. 

The Ascent Carbon brace has handy magnetic-locating anchors for your helmet and because of extensive use of carbon fiber, the whole setup weighs a mere two pounds. The tether is made from fire resistant Kevlar webbing for enhanced safety as well.

Meru Safety makes the Ascent Carbon in two sizes—you can click here for a handy Meru sizing guide to find the right fit. The brace uses a moving headrest so it’ll work in virtually all seating positions.

  • MSY-AC-100 – Meru Safety Ascent Carbon Brace, Small/Medium
  • MSY-AC-200 – Meru Safety Ascent Carbon Brace, Large/X-Large

Get a closer look at the Meru Ascent Carbon Brace in this quick video: