Having an accessible supply of water in your race car is not only a refreshing way to stay comfortable—it’s a vital performance and safety component.

…But if you’ve ever been strapped in your cockpit during a hot afternoon of racing, you probably already knew that.

The problem is though, getting that vital sip of water isn’t as easy as it sounds. Obviously you’re wearing a helmet, but there are plenty of other things to consider too, like water lines, your hydration reservoir, and making sure it all fits into a tight race car cabin and works reliably. (And if you’re running a helmet microphone for race comms, that just adds another degree of complexity.)

But FluidLogic hears you.

That why it designs innovative hydration systems to ensure your thirst stays properly quenched in your race car.

In fact, FluidLogic references a study which concluded that drivers’ reaction times suffered and errors increased due to inconsistent hydration when using the commonly used, outdated water bottle and hose system. Read more about that study here.

fluidlogic hydration system flush 360

For starters, the FluidLogic Flush 360 Hydration System is a great option if you’re not running a forced air system in your race rig. (Or if you do have a forced air system, but simply don’t want to integrate it with a hydration pack.) It features a compact flush-mount helmet connector that’s easy to hook up in a cramped cockpit.

If you do have a forced air system, check out the FluidLogic Coaxial Hydration System. At the heart of this setup is the innovative FluidLogic Pod that connects to your IOS device via Bluetooth so you can custom tailor your fluid delivery to your precise needs.

Close up of mag lock connection system on a fluidlogic hydration tube
FluidLogic’s clever MagLock system ensures reliable fluid delivery, while still allowing for quick, effortless tubing disconnects. (Image/FluidLogic)

Either way, FluidLogic makes sure these systems allow for plenty of customization. Not only can you install these in pretty much any common motorsports helmet, you can also use the FluidLogic AquaCom mic to connect to your race communications system.

And while these setups are pretty hi-tech, they’re equally durable tooso they’ll withstand the rigors of a regular racing season or competitive off-road environment. If something does wear out, FluidLogic makes plenty of hydration pack replacement parts available as well.

Note: Both systems described above do not include a reservoir bottle, so you can choose the FluidLogic Fluid Containment Bottle with enough capacity for your specific needs. The bottles come with a quick-release mount for easy fill-ups in the pits or between rounds.

man connecting a fluidlogic race hydration system to his helmet
(Image/FluidLogic via Facebook)
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