There are plenty of good reasons why folks relocate their vehicle battery to the trunk.

Maybe it’s for better weight distribution on a race car.

Maybe it’s to clean up a minimalistic hot rod engine bay.

Or maybe it’s just plain impossible to cram a battery under the hood after a motor swap.

man pointing to a battery in the trunk of a project car
(Image/The Wiring Specialties YouTube Channel)

Whatever the situation, relocating your battery isn’t just a simple matter of plunking it down in the trunk and stretching back some cables.

Thats why the engine swap experts at Wiring Specialties created this quick video that goes through some common ins-and-outs of a battery relocation job.

It’s packed with helpful pointers on battery placement, cable routing, gauge selection, and other things that you might not think about when mulling over a job like this.

Wiring Specialties makes a ton of invaluable electrical components and wiring harnesses for engine swaps (particularly of the LS variety), so the company knows an awful lot about preventing electrical issues before they transform into electrical gremlins.

And at just over two minutes long, there are plenty of handy tips to take away from this video—give it a watch below:

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