There tends to be some confusion on the difference between a transmission kickdown cable and a throttle valve cable.

And the distinction is vitally important if you’ve got an aftermarket carburetor that’s not designed for a TV cable, yet you’re running a more modern transmission, like a GM 700R4.

In other words, if you don’t have that TV cable set right, then it could seriously hamper your transmission’s shifting performance, while shortening its lifespan at the same time.

Man demonstrating gm 700 r4 throttle cable action
(Image/The Bowler Performance Transmissions YouTube Channel)

Thankfully, the gearbox gurus over at Bowler Performance Transmissions know just how to address the issue, and ensure your carburetor and transmission enjoy a long, happy partnership. Better, yet, they’ll show you how to do it in this quick, four minute video, and give you a good explanation as to why it’s so darn important too.

Got an aftermarket carburetor that’s not made for a modern automatic transmission with a throttle valve cable? Then consider this one a must-watch: