Anyone who’s worked around automotive suspensions will tell you that, after installing a new set of coil springs, you should allow some time for the springs to “settle” into their new home.

But what does spring settling mean, exactly? And how long does it take for automotive springs to settle?

The suspension experts over at MSS Automotive answer those questions (and more) in a three-part video series that covers a range of topics concerning the hows and whys of coil spring settling.

Man demonstrating how an automotive coil spring settles
(Image/The MSS Automotive YouTube Channel)

MSS stands for Modular Suspension Solutions, and the company has established itself as a leader in performance-oriented automotive suspension systems. Specializing in coil spring suspensions, the pros over at MSS Automotive know an awful lot about spring behavior—which obviously includes spring settling too.

Each video is less than two minutes long, and you can watch all three in the spring settling series below. It’s packed with valuable information for anyone who’s thinking about installing a new set of coil springs in their car or truck. Start with part one below:

Part 1: The Coil Spring Settling Phase

Part 2: The Reasons Coil Springs Settle

Part 3: Benefits of Coil Spring Settling