Durable, compact, lightweight—a lithium automotive battery has plenty of upside. So there’s no surprise that lithium batteries are becoming increasingly common in racing and high performance applications.

But lithium car and truck batteries require special care that’s quite different from your typical lead acid or AGM battery. And if you don’t follow the proper procedures for charging and maintaining a lithium battery, it could significantly hinder its lifespan and power output.

That’s why we liked this video from the battery experts at Mele Design Firm.

(Image/The Mele Enterprises YouTube Channel)

Mele made a name for itself by creating super secure and super safe battery mounts and battery boxes for rally and racing applications—so its team knows an awful lot about the proper care and feeding of automotive batteries, particularly lithium ones.

So whether you’re thinking about switching to a lithium battery or you’ve already got one in your vehicle, then this video from Mele is definitely worth the watch.

Check it out below to ensure you’re properly caring for your lithium battery.

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