Whether you’re pulling a johnboat, PWC, center console, runabout, or beyond, it’s easy to forget about your trailer when it’s happily doing its job.

But if you’ve ever been stranded on the highway with a fried bearing or stuck on a ramp with a busted keel pad, then you already know how important regular maintenance is.

That’s where the trailer team at C.E. Smith comes in.

From bolts and bearings, to tire carriers and dust caps, the folks at C.E. Smith can help your trailer make it through another boating season. (Image/C.E. Smith)

C.E. Smith offers a trove of repair parts for a wide range of trailer designs, which can save you a ton of headaches next time you’re heading to the water.

Better still, C.E. Smith designs smart upgrades to make it easy to guide your boat safely on and off your trailer—and keep it secure while en route.

Here’s just a quick rundown of some of C.E. Smith’s offerings:

And C.E. Smith doesn’t stop at trailers either; it makes a range of boat accessories too, like rod holders and other marine storage solutions.

(Image/C.E. Smith)

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