For many engines, spark plug replacement is a relatively simple job—yet it’s also a job that absolutely needs to be done properly to avoid near-catastrophic issues. Horror stories abound of seized, stripped, and cracked spark plugs turning an easy task into a days-long affair involving drills, taps, and Heli-Coils.

All good reasons to watch this video from the spark plug experts over at NGK.

(Image/The NGK Australia YouTube Channel)

It’ll show you the importance of using the proper installation technique—including suggested torque ratings—to make sure your spark plug swap is an uneventful one.

And it’s not as straightforward as you’d think, as there are a few facets to consider. Factors like the spark plug seats and the engine head material play a big role in the amount of torque you should use.

So even if you’re no stranger to spark plug installation, this video will likely still have some good info for you—the next person who has to pull those spark plugs will thank you too.

Give it a watch below:

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