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Mailbag: How Does an Ignition Coil Work?

Mailbag: How Does an Ignition Coil Work?

Q: How does an ignition coil work? … A: Ignition coils are electrical transformers. They convert low voltage to high voltage through a process called induction. There are various designs, […]


Tools and Tech Tips for Pulling and Installing Spark Plugs

In some vehicles, pulling and replacing spark plugs is a nightmare: Impossible to reach plugs. Headers, shock towers, and air conditioning parts in the way.  Factor in the multiple opportunities […]

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Should I Use Fine-Wire Spark Plugs in a Small Block Chevy?

Ask Away! with Jeff Smith: Should I Use Fine-Wire Spark Plugs in a Small Block Chevy?

I’m confused. I see all kinds of opinions about iridium and platinum spark plugs versus the normal copper plugs. Some say they’re good while others say not to use them […]

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High Voltage, Please: 7 Factors That May Necessitate More Voltage to Your Spark Plugs

Do you have enough voltage reaching your spark plugs? The voltage required to light your plugs is constantly changing and can range from 5,000 volts to 40,000 volts and higher, […]

Spark Plug Chart - How to Read Your Spark Plugs
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A Guide to Reading Spark Plugs

Your spark plugs are like a cipher. And to read a cipher code, you usually need a cipher key. That’s what this is—a cipher key that is going to help […]

Pulstar plasma spark plug
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Spark Plug Evolution: How Plasma is Being Used to Improve Spark Plug Performance

In junior high science class, you probably learned about the three states of matter: solids, liquids, and gases. Chances are you didn’t spend as much time talking about the lesser-known fourth […]

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Ask Away with Jeff Smith: Choosing Spark Plugs for Chevy ZZ Crate Motors

What type of spark plugs do I use on my ZZ3 motor? I know that there are a lot of different spark plugs but what type do I use in […]

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New MSD Spark Plugs Incorporate 40 Years of Ignition Expertise

MSD’s entrance into spark plug manufacturing felt a little bit to us like Nike’s decision to start making socks to complement its shoe business. What took so long!? MSD has […]

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Video: How to Replace Spark Plugs in Late Model Ford F-150 Trucks with Modular Engines

In this Summit Racing Quick Flicks video, Al will show you how to replace spark plugs in late-model F-150 pickup trucks with modular engines. Because standard spark plug sockets won’t […]

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Monday Mailbag: Diagnosing Spark Plug Deposits

Got questions? We’ve got the answers—Mondays when the Summit Racing tech department tackles your automotive-related conundrums. This week, we’re reading spark plugs. J.B. • Houston, TX Q: I’m having a problem […]