Work on enough cars and trucks and you’ll inevitably get to one fitted with fancy custom wheels with narrow lug nut bores.

That presents a big dilemma: How do you get the lug nuts off without damaging a big-buck rim?

Well, Milwaukee Tool has an answer for that.

Its SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Lug Nut Sockets will make short work of even the most stubborn lug nuts—with a slim profile and protective sleeve to help prevent you from nicking or marring the wheel in the process.

Most importantly, these 1/2 inch-drive sockets are rated for impact duty, so you can lock ’em in your cordless, corded, or pneumatic impact wrench and undo all those Ugga Duggas with ease.

Available individually or in handy sets of common sizes, Milwaukee Tool’s SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Lug Nut Sockets can save the day when facing seized lug nuts. (Image/Milwaukee Tool)

Each SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Lug Nut Socket has a protective Armor-Guard Sleeve that protects both the wheel and the socket—and it’s removable too, if you need an ultra-slim profile to slip into a tight lug nut receptacle.

Even better, the Milwaukee folks mark the socket size in big, bold numbers on each one so you can quickly grab the right size you need. And speaking of sizes, Milwaukee Tool makes a SHOCKWAVE socket for pretty much every lug nut size you’ll come across—get them individually or in sets with common sizes.

Milwaukee Lug Not Socket & Impact used to remove wheel
(Image/Milwaukee Tools)

In short, SHOCKWAVE Impact Duty Lug Nut Sockets are a perfect solution for a pesky lug nut nestled deep in a fancy factory or aftermarket wheel—and a great way to avoid a damaged rim and unhappy customer.

Best of all, they’re a great complement to the impressive lineup of Milwaukee Tool impact wrenches too.

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