You ever notice how there aren’t that many old-school race cars around?

Well, spoiler alert, race cars don’t exactly live pampered lives. They’re chopped up, beat on, tweaked, welded, and run all-out until there’s not much left.

And when they’re used up? It’s usually a short trip to the junkyard.

So any time we see a vintage race car at a show or event, we’ve got to go in for a closer look. That’s why we’re glad that the Summit Racing video team jumped at the chance to talk to the owner of this 1960 Impala drag car in nostalgic K&D Marine livery.

In this quick video filmed at the 2023 Detroit Autorama you’ll get some fascinating insight into the car, including what period modifications were done and how it’s been updated for 21st-century reliability. Oh, and yeah, it’s supercharged.

Get the whole scoop below: