Whether it’s for recovering a vehicle, harvesting lumber, docking a boat, or simply loading a lawn mower onto a trailer, a portable electric winch has plenty of advantages.

…Which is why we figured you might want to hear about the Mile Marker Rhino Pull 1000 Portable Electric Winch.

(Image/Mile Marker)

It’s essentially a self-contained winch with a 1,000 pound pull capacity, and it’s all powered by a single lithium battery—making it lightweight and portable.

At the heart of the Rhino Pull 1000 Portable Electric Winch is a variable speed, brushless DC motor. The winch includes 39 feet of synthetic winch rope and comes with a remote to keep you out of harm’s way during recovery. Even better, the remote can operate wired or wirelessly depending on the job.

(Image/Mile Marker)

Simply secure the Rhino Pull winch to a solid recovery point and the winch line to the object you’re winching, activate the remote, and you’re ready to pull.

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When you’re done, stuff the whole thing into its carrying bag and off you go.

For even more versatility, the Mile Marker folks say its Rhino Pull 1000 Portable Electric Winch can also be used in hoisting situations, which could be handy for hunters or light construction duty.

The winch comes with the rope, remote (and hookup wire), lithium battery, and charger.

All told, if you’re tired of wrestling with a come-along, dragging stuff out of the woods yourself, or simply don’t have space to mount winch on your bumper, a Mile Marker Rhino Pull 1000 Portable Electric Winch make be a smart alternative.

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