If you’re new to the forced induction game, a blow-off valve (often just referred to as a BOV) is part of a turbocharger setup and is designed to relieve excess pressure built up within the turbo system when you suddenly lift off the throttle. The purpose of a blow-off valve is to mitigate compressor surge, which goes a long way towards prolonging the health of your turbocharger system.

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But a properly adjusted blow-off valve lets the engine get back to building boost more quickly too—which is a big deal in any performance application.

That’s where the forced induction experts at Turbosmart come in. They made this quick tutorial on how to properly adjust your Turbosmart Blow-Off Valve.

(Image/The Turbosmart YouTube Channel)

While the Turbosmart folks explain that the valve’s factory setting will be perfectly fine for most applications right out of the box, engine tuners may want to make fine adjustments to their Turbosmart blow-off valve to ensure the best performance.

And this video shows you how to do it. It’s only five minutes long and includes plenty of general turbocharger system tech along the way.