Torque converters have been around for a long, long time. But as Boss Hog proves, there’s always room for improvement.

With the whole “better mousetrap” mentality, the Boss Hog engineering team dissected a torque converter and looked for ways to improve, remove, or combine internal components to make the whole thing lighter and more durable.

And they found a few clever ways to do it.

For instance, Boss Hog improved tolerances to make a better turbine seal. That allowed them to delete an extra O-ring, which, Boss Hog says, saves about three pounds of rotating mass. That directly translates to more power getting delivered to your wheels, resulting in a faster car.

The Summit Racing team caught up with Boss Hog at the 2022 PRI show and got an in-depth look at the science and construction of a Boss Hog torque converter.

If you’re searching for any and all ways to make your car faster, this interview is definitely worth a watch:

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