As they’ve done in years past, the Summit Racing folks asked a question on their Facebook and Instagram pages, wondering:

If Santa Could Bring You Any Vehicle, Ever—Which One Would You Ask For?

And the Reader Contributions poured in. We filtered through the hundreds of responses and listed a few of our favorites here. See any you’d like? Would a Plumb Crazy ‘Cuda actually fit in a chimney? How do you transfer a title from the North Pole? Give us your comments in the section at the bottom of the article.


“A 1963 Split Window Vette!” – Charlie M. (Image/OnAllCylinders)
  • “1964 Dodge Dart. I learned to drive in that car. Lots of cool memories.” – Kim M.
  • “I just want the 1st vehicle I ever owned back: A 1966 Ford F-250 camper special.” – Luther J.
  • “1969 Camaro SS Indy pace car. It made an 11 year old boy fall in love with the Camaro!” – Michael B.
  • “The most expensive car, so I could sell it and spend the money building a bunch of junk!” – Aaron C.
  • “A car that runs, needs no work, and is paid off.” – Perry W. [Same – Ed.]
a apir of old volkswagen beetle bugs at a car show
“Laugh if you like, but I miss my VW bug….all 36 horses!” – Rebecca M. (Image/OnAllCylinders)
  • “I want my 1967 GTO convertible back!!!!” – Jerry R.
  • “1967 Dodge Charger, I’ve loved them since they came out.” – Gene L.
  • “My 1956 Chevy Panel Truck completed!” – Mike R.
  • “ANY ONE of the cars I have sold.” – George L.
  • “Could he just finish my project car?” – Caleb P. [Good call. – Ed.]
1987 buick grand national parked on a street, rear view
“1987 Buick Grand National!” – Daniel D. Oh, and you may enjoy this story about a GNX too. (Image/OnAllCylinders)
  • “A GT40, any version will do!” – Ken L. [It helps not to be picky – Ed.]
  • “1968 Chevy Malibu. My mom’s car that I learned to drive in.” – Maureen M.
  • “An auto carrier loaded with 1967 Big Block Corvettes.” – Walt Z.
  • “1966 Chevelle SS, blue like my grandpa use to have.” – Cameron H.
  • “1978 Corvette Pace Car. I Loved that car ever since I was old enough to realize what it was.” – Matt W.
world war 2 Boeing b-29 superfortress fifi on display at vintage military aircraft show in Cincinnati ohio
“I would take a B-29 Superfortress.” – Steve M. (Image/OnAllCylinders)
  • “Don’t need another car, Santa needs to bring some parts so I can finish one!” – Joe V.
  • “Right now a toss up between a Pantera or a 1971 Trans Am 455 H.O.” – Gary T.
  • “1969 Mustang Boss 429, If you’re going to dream, dream big!” – J.R. B.
  • “Any 1970s or 80s station wagon and I’m good.” – Scott G.
  • “A 1974 ‘Spirit of America‘ Chevy Impala.” – Derek O. [Bonus points for obscurity! – Ed.]
rear spoiler shot of a 1970 plymouth superbird
“Plymouth Superbird. Don’t care what engine or transmission, I just want the car!” – Kevin B. (Image/OnAllCylinders)
  • “1968 Chevelle two door, white-on-white. I wanted one since I was 18.” – Kathy H.
  • “I just want one that runs. My truck’s been in the shop for a week.” – Robert G.
  • “Eleanor has always been my dream car.” – Kelly O. [Well, we’ve got good news, Kelly. – Ed.]
  • “2023 Ford Bronco, oh please I will be good and try not to swear!” – Kathy N.
  • “A reliable car that runs.” – Phillip R.
blue plymouth aar cuda
“Muscle car peak: the AAR Cuda. Such a sweet car.” – Ray J. (Image/OnAllCylinders)
  • “1971 Dodge Charger, any color, as long as it ain’t rusty.” – John W.
  • “1969 Roadrunner Hemi of course—I’ve been a good boy all year!” – Jeff C.
  • “A Buick LeSabre with 302k miles that burns oil! Dream ride!” – Mike S. [Oddly specific there, Mike. – Ed.]
  • “A 1967 Chrysler Imperial Crown sedan. My first car.” – Ken. P.
  • “As long as we are dreaming…A 1955 Mercedes Gullwing.” – Dan S.


Here’s hoping that it all works out for you on Christmas Morning. We’re not sure how the HOA will react to a B-29 in the driveway though…

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