While fuel system components don’t always get the glamour of, say, a turbo or cylinder head, that doesn’t make them any less vital to a high performance engine build. In fact, in today’s era of blended fuels, high-pressure EFI, and unforgiving ignition timing, ultra-precise fuel delivery is more important than ever.

So when the Aeromotive folks say they’ve increased their lineup with some new high flow fuel pumps, fuel regulators, fuel filters, and other fuel system parts that can meet the demands of a thirsty high performance engine, we’re inclined to listen. After all, Aeromotive’s been doing this for a long, long time and their new stuff is typically on the leading-edge of fuel system tech.

The Summit Racing gang agrees with us too.

They came across the Aeromotive booth at the 2022 PRI show and had to circle back to get the skinny on these new Aeromotive fuel system parts. Here’s what they found out.