Whether used alone or in conjunction with a traditional formed gasket, a liquid gasket maker or RTV/silicone compound can really help ensure a leak-free seal between your mating surfaces.

That is, of course, if you apply it the right way.

(Image/The Permatex YouTube Channel)

Thankfully the sealing scientists over at Permatex made a quick tutorial video that’s chock full of liquid gasket maker tips and techniques. You’ll gain some valuable insight on how to put down a reliable bead of sealant, from oil pans to water pumps and seemingly everywhere else a liquid gasket maker comes in handy.

Even better, this video will cover some of the specific types of gasket makers, and what the best use cases and applications are for each one. And it’ll talk in detail about the popular Permatex Right Stuff gasket maker, too.

And finally, you’ll glean some handy tricks to removing an old gasket and cleaning up any excess material from your gasketing job.

The video is just over three minutes long and packed with helpful gasket know-how, check it out:

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