(Image/The Hot Shot’s Secret YouTube Channel)

If that headline seems like something out of a horror movie, well, good.

Because microbes are essentially tiny gremlins living in your diesel fuel—and you don’t have to be William Shatner to know that’s not a good thing.

Microbes include stuff like bacteria, mold, and fungi, which can clog filters and cause a host of diesel engine problems. That’s why we’re glad to see this video from the diesel fuel experts at Hot Shot’s Secret. It goes into how the microbes got there, how to spot them, and (perhaps most importantly) how to get them out and keep them from coming back.

So if you don’t want your diesel fuel to play host to an army of microscopic diesel gremlins, consider this video to be…

<Rod Serling Voice>

…Submitted for your approval.

</Rod Serling Voice>

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