A big part of pickup truck and Jeep ownership is personalization. And bonus points if that personalization makes your ride more visible to other folks on—and off—the road.

So it’s easy to see (pun!) why Putco’s Blade LED Tailgate Light Bars caught our attention.

These rear tailgate light bars from Putco deliver an oh-so-subtle reminder that you’re hitting the brakes. (Image/Putco)

For starters, they just look cool, adding another lighting element to the rear tailgate of your truck or Jeep.

But beyond the good looks, these LED light bars are super versatile. That’s because you can wire these Blade Tailgate Light Bars up to work with your turn signals, brake lights, and backup lights—giving the rear of your truck a much-welcome dash of visibility.

And they’re handy for the off-road and overlanding crowd too, as the super-bright LED backlight can really help navigate a tight trail or crowded campsite. (Image/Putco)

Installation is a breeze, with pretty much everything you need to get them installed included with each kit, from simple splicing blocks to alcohol wipes to clean things up before securing the double-sided automotive tape.

In addition to a few universal kits, Putco makes Blade LED Tailgate Light Bars for plenty of late-model truck and Jeep applications, including these popular models:


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