While there are a few ways to make flares on custom brake and fuel lines, using a turret-style line flaring tool—like the Summit Racing Professional Flaring Tool—is one of our favorites. As you probably know, flaring the end of a line is an essential aspect of making custom brake and fuel lines to accept proper fittings. And this tool is a foolproof way to make clean, consistent flares on your brake and fuel lines, without burs or uneven edges. Even better, you can use this tool to make custom plumbing for, say, a transmission or oil cooler.

It can make single, double, or bubble flares, and will work on steel, stainless steel, and plenty of other soft metal tubing.

Best of all, it’s really easy to use.

In fact, our friends at Summit Racing walk you through exactly how it works in under four minutes—watch the video and see for yourself.

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