Do a lot of bodywork and vehicle restorations?

If you don’t have one already, you’ll probably want to add a needle scaler to your arsenal of metalworking tools—particularly if you live up north where road salt can wreak havoc on your sheetmetal. That’s because a needle scaler can quickly remove rust, corrosion, paint, bed liner, undercoating, or any other other gunk or crud that’s stuck to your vehicle, so you can get to a clean metal working surface underneath.

Whether you need a clean surface for welding or paint, a good needle scaler can save you a ton of time and effort on your next automotive paint project, body repair, or vehicle restoration. See for yourself, as we walk you through some features of a Sunex needle scaler tool in this video, and show you firsthand how it works to remove rust, paint, and corrosion with lightning-quick ease.

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