Keep things cold, virtually anywhere you go. (Image/Summit Racing)

Whether you’re on a camping trip, overlanding expedition, soccer tournament, or just spending a weekend at the track, having a way to keep things cool (without lugging bags of ice around) can be really, really handy.

That’s where Dometic’s lineup of powered coolers comes in.

Dometic coolers are rugged, with a rigid frame and aluminum components to protect them against knocks and bumps. They’re weatherproof too. (Image/Summit Racing)

Think of them as compact, portable refrigerators that you can take along with you, pretty much anywhere you can go with your vehicle. Available in multiple sizes, a Dometic powered cooler can be as small or as big as you need it to be, with room to store drinks, food, bait, cooling packs, or anything else you need to keep chilly for a good, long time.

A Dometic powered cooler can bring temps down well below freezing, which means they can serve as portable ice makers too.

The larger Dometic coolers even offer dual-zone cooling, and they all get plenty cold enough to keep things frozen. (Image/Summit Racing)

While features depend on the exact Dometic cooler you choose, most run off your vehicle’s 12 volt battery power or, if you’ve got 110 volt household AC power nearby, simply plug it into any available outlet. Many also use a handy power shutoff feature that automatically cuts power when the cooler senses that your battery is getting weak.

Want to learn more about these Dometic portable fridges? The Summit Racing folks used a CFX3 model on their Project S71 Chevy Silverado overlanding build, and you can get a closer look at how it works in this quick video:

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