Update, December 2023: Ford just released a ton of super-cool, rarely-seen vintage concept vehicle photos from its archives and they’re now available at the Ford Heritage Vault. Click here to check them out.

This is a clip from a 1977 sales brochure dubbed “Free Wheelin’ Fords.”
….And now we’re researching local hang gliding lessons. (Image/Ford Heritage Vault)

To commemorate its 119-year anniversary, the Ford Motor Company just unloaded a trove of historical photographs, brochures, and literature from its company archives.

You can see it all here in the Ford Heritage Vault.

From the Mustang to the Bronco to the F-150, you’ll find thousands of period resources for some of the Blue Oval’s most famous models spanning 100 years, from 1903 to 2003—all scanned in digital formats for your viewing pleasure.

And the Ford Heritage Vault covers other FoMoCo marques too, namely Lincoln and Edsel. Better yet, Ford says it’s not stopping here, and will continually augment this database with more files moving forward.

This clip is from a 1961 Ford Falcon sales brochure. The world needs more green wagons. (Image/Ford Heritage Vault)

In addition to serving as desktop wallpaper fodder for the Blue Oval faithful, this library of Ford press and sales literature is an invaluable resource for restorers and vehicle owners alike, shedding light on available factory options, correct colors, badge placement, interior configurations, and more.

Plus, there’s a powerful search feature to help you quickly sort through it all.

Basically, if you like Fords, check out the Ford Heritage Vault—just be prepared to lose an afternoon staring at awesome vintage pictures and brochures. (Sssshhhh, don’t tell our boss.)

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